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We’ll continue to add updates to all our stories as we can.  You’re welcome to contribute your own story as well. Do you live on the Thai/Burma border now? We’d love to hear what’s going on. Are you also a blue water sailor? Tell us about that.

And from time to time we’ll also post updates on what the team is doing outside of Outer Voices.

Telling Stories in the Land of Faraway

Photo by Jack Chance A few weeks ago I was walking out of my friend’s flat in a little apartment building where I was living in Thimphu, Bhutan. It was a crystal clear, sharp blue freezing cold high mountain morning in this valley nestled impossibly in the heart of...

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The Queen of Bhutan

While travelling with Queen Ashi Sangay Choden Wangchuk of Bhutan, we also wrote a blog post for  NPR’s The Hidden World of Girls Journalist and radio producer, Stephanie Guyer-Stevens, recently returned from Bhutan where she and her co-producer Jack Chance were...

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Watching Burma: Dispatches from a Turbulent Election Season

BY STEPHANIE GUYER-STEVENS. PHOTO BY MALIA GUYER-STEVENS “Watching Burma: Dispatches from a Turbulent Election” was a month-long reporting project on the November, 2010 elections in Burma, produced by Stephanie Guyer-Stevens and Lu Olkowski. Our focus was...

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The Burmese Elections on The Hidden World of Girls

Radio producers Stephanie Guyer-Stevens and Lu Olkowski are covering the election in Burma from the vantage point of several Karen women in Thailand, who are anxiously awaiting election results in their home country. Guyer-Stevens has reported from the Thai/Burma before; her Outer Voices story Kawthoolei, demystifies the complicated history of Burma’s ethnic groups, while focusing on Karen women activists working for non-violent solutions. Olkowski is producer of Women of Troy and other radio stories that have been heard on All Things Considered, Day to Day, Radiolab, Studio 360, This American Life and Weekend America.

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An Exploration of Cambodia

Cambodia is a small country nestled between Thailand, Vietnam and Laos, with a population of just under 15 million. Only a few decades after surviving one of the most recent genocides in history, Cambodians continue to face significant economic and social challenges.

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Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting: Price of Rice

The doubling of the price of rice in Asia has given rise to what some have coined “the Asian Food Crisis.” While some economists feel that this is a temporary price hike, others see that the devastation from the recent cyclone in the central rice growing region of Burma can only exacerbate this condition, however temporary.

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Mu Sochua

In 2008, Cambodian Member of Parliament Mu Sochua was embroiled in a court battle with Hun Sen, the Prime Minister of Cambodia. Hun Sen threatened to strip Mu Sochua of parliamentary immunity, which could have made it possible to imprison her. Mu Sochua, one of the world’s foremost defenders of women’s and human rights, would have lost her crucial voice for the women and the poorest of the poor in Cambodia.

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Radio Communities: The Other Side of The Electronic Divide

Photo: Pete Tridish, Prometheus Radio Project Using radio to create community, creating community radio. Why expect radio to do this? It’s malleable, anonymous, inexpensive to build, easy to transmit and receive, relatively speaking, even when the simple act of owning...

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Cambodia: Another kind of war

POST AND PHOTO BY KAROLINE KEMP Editor’s note: In September of 2005, Karoline Kemp travelled to Cambodia with Outer Voices, a California-based independent media group, to make a radio documentary program about sex trafficking in Cambodia. The story she told on her...

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Choosing Uncertainty

BY CATHERINE BARAONG / THAILAND PHOTOGRAPHED BY KRISTOFER DAN-BERGMAN Young Karen women head back to their homes in the camps.The sun shines down fiercely in Tak province. I’m on a rented bicycle peddling hard and trying to keep from going blind from the afternoon...

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Fighting for Change

In a northern Thai border town nestled against a jungle river that divides Thailand from Burma, a group of Burmese Karen hill tribe women are meeting in secret. A few dozen gather at the end of a dirt lane speckled with roosters and giggling children in a wooden house that belongs to one of their leaders. Most of the women live in crowded refugee camps scattered along the Thai border.

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