Photo by Lu Olkwoski

Radio producers Stephanie Guyer-Stevens and Lu Olkowski are covering the election in Burma from the vantage point of several Karen women in Thailand, who are anxiously awaiting election results in their home country. Guyer-Stevens has reported from the Thai/Burma before; her Outer Voices story Kawthoolei, demystifies the complicated history of Burma’s ethnic groups, while focusing on Karen women activists working for non-violent solutions. Olkowski is producer of Women of Troy and other radio stories that have been heard on All Things Considered, Day to Day, Radiolab, Studio 360, This American Life and Weekend America.

Olkowski and Guyer-Stevens arrived to the Thai/Burma border region on October 18th, 2010. They are reporting as election day draws near, and as tensions escalate.

Olkowski has been keeping us updated via email. Here are her notes:

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