On the Move in Mongolia

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Produced and researched by Shebana Coelho
Story Consultant/Executive Producer: Stephanie Guyer-Stevens  

There I was, an Indian woman on the move in a strange new land –  Mongolia – and it didn’t feel so strange. So much resonated – especially the voices of other women – like Monjago, a nomadic herder, Munkhtsetseg, a horse trainer, Onika, a student, Amgalan, a language teacher and Jainaa, a singer. They made faraway feel like home.

Shebana Coelho is a writer and documentary producer. Her work has been broadcast on National Public Radio, BBC Radio Four, American Public Television and the Discovery Channel. She received a 2007 Fulbright Research Fellowship to Mongolia. Her website is www.shebanacoelho.com

She can be reached at email: shebana@aol.com

This is a great piece. I used to live in Mongolia and Ms Coelho’s work really transports me back to this incredible place. I like her use of sound and the way she creates her sound-scape with voices and natural sound. I particularly enjoyed the segment on Amgalan — truly inspiring. Great work! Even if you’ve never been to Mongolia, this work will put you right there on the vast steppe.”

Charles Rice, listener

Sounds for these segments were collected on a 2007 US Fulbright research fellowship.

Post-production funding by: 

  • The Lucius and Eva Eastman Fund
  • The Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation

Additional Mongolia information:


Photos by Shebana Coelho


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