People Behind The Scenes

Stephanie Guyer-Stevens

Executive Producer
1503300_10202552281998591_63462954_nStephanie learned radio from her extraordinary team. Her audio work has been broadcast on over 600 radio stations in the U.S. and abroad and used in high school and college classrooms. She’s created multimedia for Center for Investigative Reporting (Reveal), Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, Transom and NPR. She’s generated more conversation, having lectured at numerous venue, including Stanford University; The Foreign Correspondents’ Club Thailand, and The Third Coast Festival. She received a Gracie Allen Award for Outstanding Documentary. She is co-author, with Dr. Françoise Pommaret, of the forthcoming book “Divine Messengers: The Untold Story of Bhutan’s Female Shamans (Shambhala, 2021).

Emily Polk, Ph.D.

Reporter and Field Sound Producer
emily polk photoEmily has reported on social justice issues in India Guatemala, Turkey, France and Germany, and her writing has appeared in The Boston Globe, Utne Reader, National Geographic Traveller, India Express and The Central America Weekly. At Stanford University her teaching focuses on the intersections between climate change, social justice and technology.

Shebana Coelho

Shebana is an award-winning producer/director of television and radio documentaries and a writer. She received a Fiction Fellowship from the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA), a Jerome Foundation Emerging Artist’s Fellowship and a Fulbright grant to Mongolia to experience and record life in nomadic communities. Her work has been broadcast on National Public Radio, BBC Radio Four, American Public Television and the Discovery Channel.

Malia Guyer-Stevens

Digital Media Editor
Malia is a journalist and researcher, working for publications ranging from Cambodia Daily to Edible Queens. She is currently pursuing a Master’s in Food Studies at New York University and working for Slow Food USA.

Robin Wise

Sound Engineer
RWRobin has worked as a professional audio engineer for over 20 years. Prior to this career, Robin taught music in public schools and was an award-winning ensemble conductor. Projects she has worked on have won numerous major awards, including The Peabody Award, Robert Woods Johnson Award, Silver Baton of the Alfred I. duPont-Columbia Award, AAAS Award, and the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award. Always a teacher, Robin has taught digital audio technology at the Graduate School of Journalism at UC Berkeley, the United Nations, and the AARP.

Catherine Stifter

11856261_10206800431665016_7394843467403028929_oCatherine Stifter is a two-time Peabody Award-winning editor. She was Senior Editor for Innovation at Capital Public Radio in Sacramento, California and producer for The View From Here. Past work includes: New Routes to Community Health; Saving The Sierra: Voices of Conservation in Action; Peabody award winning Crossing East and The DNA Files. From 1990-1997 she was producer-trainer for National Public Radio’s On-Site Training Program and taught radio reporting skills to ethnic minority journalists in NPR’s Diversity Initiative.

Karoline Kemp

KarolineResearcher, Production Assistant
Karoline Kemp came to Outer Voices as an intern in 2005. After living, studying and working throughout Asa and Africa on gender and development issues she now lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada where she is Senior Policy Analyst at Global Affairs Canada.

Cathy Fitzgerald

Cathy has won Whicker’s World, Prix Marulic, Third Coast Festival and Radio Academy Production awards for her audio documentaries, as well as Prix Europa commendations, on subjects including magic carpets, angry Vietnamese ghosts, reindeer-racing, and a museum of broken hearts. She presents and produces BBC Radio 4’s recurring series, Moving Pictures, and creates websites, audio tours and apps for many of the UK’s major cultural institutions. Cathy is the founder of Strange & Charmed, a school for people who tell stories in sound. 

Carlos Tejada

Field Sound Producer
Carlos is an architect in Brooklyn, NY.

Barrett Golding

BG 2015-4Barrett was Executive Producer of the Peabody Award-winning radio series Hearing Voices from NPR. Named a United States Artist: Media Fellow and a Reynolds Journalism Institute fellow,  his radio works have been broadcast by NPR, PRI, BBC, CBC, VOA and CBS. His awards include the Scripps Howard Awards for Journalism Excellence: Jack R. Howard Award, American Bar Association Gavel Award: Certificate of Merit, and Golden Reel from the National Federation of Community Broadcasters. He’s the former General Manager of KGLT in Bozeman, MT.


Jack Chance

Producer, Sound Recordist
Jack has recorded indigenous musicians in over thirty foreign countries. His documentaries and field recordings, have been heard on NPR, RRI, Minnesota Public Radio’s and the Nature Conservancy Podcast. A contributing writer for The Rough Guide to World Music, he has helped preserve audio recordings for Easter Island’s Museo Anthropologico, documented endangered native languages in Alaska, studied folk music in several countries, and is the director for the Mountain Music Project.

John Biewen

John is audio program director at the Center for Documentary Studies (CDS) at Duke University, where he teaches and produces the podcast “Scene on Radio”.  He has received two Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Awards, the Scripps Howard National Journalism Award, and the Third Coast International Audio Festival’s Radio Impact Award. He is the editor, with Alexa Dilworth, of the essay collection, Reality Radio: Telling True Stories in Sound, ( 2010,The University of North Carolina Press).

Sara Washington

Audio Editor, Sound Engineer
0532A73E-7133-4A4C-AEAD-6D71FD0F6767Sara Washington is a documentary media artist and videographer at Bloomberg. Her work has been featured on DesignSponge, Food52, and the California Health Report.

Claire Schoen

Claire Schoen’s audio projects have garnered numerous awards for Best Documentary, including an NFCB Golden Reel, an NFCB Silver Reel, two Gracie awards, two Clarion awards, a PASS award and a New York International Festival Silver. She has also shared in both a Peabody and a DuPont-Columbia award. Please visit

Creative PR

For 20 years, Creative PR (Creative Public Radio) has been connecting the best and brightest media producers with expanded national and global audiences. Specializing in public radio content, we provide acknowledged expertise in all phases of program development, marketing and distribution.

Our Interns

We are who we are because of our intelligent, enthusiastic and dedicated interns. Past interns include:

Cathy Baroang
Marisa Benzle
Amber Cortes
Kate Crigler
Savannah Harriman-Pote
Annette Kirchner
Claire Kinnison
Sarah Rubin
Matt Mahoney
Sheena Stevens
Sophie Trimboli

Web Designers Emeritus

Carlos Tejada designed our first website, and Josh Woodlander completed our first website revision. Kayle Hope was our webmistress until 2015.

The People On The Scene


Producer: Stephanie Guyer-Stevens

Field recording: Carlos Tejada

Advisors: Mimi George & Meph Wyeth

Translators: Walter Nubao, Geoffrey Kuper, Eddy Kuper, Henry

Frida Kuper
Eddy Kuper
Jocelyn Sale
Janet Longomaha
Joanne Hahala
Jacob Penchansky
Claire Schoen
Chief Kaveia
Aseri Yalongono
Steve and Cheryl Kornberg
Terry Causey

CAMBODIA | Girls from Cambodia

Producer: Stephanie Guyer-Stevens

Field Recording, Audio engineer and Host: Robin Wise

Editor: Barrett Golding

Production Assistant and Researcher: Karoline Kemp

Translators in Cambodia:
Mr. Soun Soulinh
Ms.Sin Li Pao
Mr. Long Sophal

Thea Chun

Voice Over:
Vannara Taing as Sin Li Pao.
Lisa Taing as Chen Souk Ha.
Chanda May as Thyda.
Norind Su as Sun Bon Thang.
Chhom Phuong as Keap Noun.
Tita Prum as Srey.

In Cambodia, we had help from the staff of Cambodian Women’s Crisis Center, the Siem Reap police, SWEET FM radio station, Siem Reap, and Bud Gibbons, and the staff of the Golden Gate Hotel.

Thanks to Jeff Dyer for coordinating the recording of the traditional Cambodian music, and to Samat and the rest of the staff of Babel recording studio in Phnom Penh.

The musicians recorded were:
Khim – Kum Long
Takhe – Hun Sote
Tro – Khat Hule
Roneat Ek – Chan Bo
Skor Day – Teuh
Chhing – Yim Chan Tee
Khloy – Dyer Jeffrey

In California, we had help from the San Jose Cambodian Temple, East Bay Asian Youth Coalition, Spencer Nagasako, the Santa Rosa Cambodian Community Center, and the University of California Berkeley Cambodian Students Association.

Many thanks to Elizabeth Becker for her insight and participation and thanks also to Ada Chan of the Thai Airways Los Angeles office.

LINE ISLANDS | Blue Water Cowboys

Producer: Stephanie Guyer-Stevens

Editors: John Biewen and Cathy Fitzgerald

Fixer: April Fountain, co-owner, SV Kwai

SV Kwai crew: Nacaniel Polania, Teibitoa Rubeniti, Arina Tembeu, Tebaueti Tetabo, Ben Vroom, and Captain Evy.
Kaleo Wong, navigator of the sailing canoe Hokule’a.
SV Kwai owner Brad Ives
Captain Bruce Blankenfed of the Hokule’a.
Kaeti Boanareke, Bruno Delala, and the people of the Line Islands of the nation of Kiribati

MONGOLIA | On the Move

Producer: Shebana Coelho

Editor: Barrett Golding

Monjago, nomadic herder
Munkhtsetseg, horse trainer
Onika, student
Amgalan, language teacher
Jainaa, singer

Munkhzul Dorjsuren
Oyu Choijamts
Delgerjargal Uvsh

TIBET | The Winter Camp

Producer: Stephanie Guyer-Stevens

Editor: John Biewen

Guide and Translator: Tsebtrim Renqing, owner, Gesar Tours

Speakers Include:
Demba Jhyentse, gesar storyteller
Karma Lhamo, Gesar archivist

HAWAII | The Hula Lesson

Producer: Stephanie Guyer-Stevens

Script Consultants: Claire Schoen and Catherine Stifter.

Field Sound Recording: E.D. Lavis, Robin Wise, Carlos Tejada

Mix Engineer: Robin Wise

Production Assistant: Maureen Datta

Research Intern: Anukene Warda

Special thanks to Roselle Bailey and to all the members of ka imi na auao o Hawai’i Nei halau.
Thanks also to Marsha Erickson and her ohana, as well as to the staff of Koke’e State Park.
Thanks also go to Kimo Campbell.

BHUTAN | The Queen's Trek

Field Recording: Jacob Penchansky

Editors: Barrett Golding (Hearing Voices); Leda Hartman (World Vision Report)

Fixers: Dr. Françoise Pommaret and Chimi Wangmo

Chimi Wangmo
Ashi Sangay Choden Wangchuk
Dr Meenakshe Rai
Kunzang Choden
Yeshey Dorji


Producer: Jack Chance

Executive Producer: Stephanie Guyer-Stevens

Editor: Barrett Golding

Mixing Engineer: Robin Wise

Production Intern: Cathy Hoang

Research Assistant: Karoline Kemp

Sound Recordings: Emily Polk, Jack Chance, Cathy Hoang, Hsamu, and Megan Hauser

Traditional music recorded by Gregory Scarborough, Jack Chance, Hsamu, the Karen Youth Organization, and Nicole Huck.

In Thailand, thanks to the Karen Women’s Organization, the Mae Tao Clinic, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, the Thailand Burma Border Consortium, the Karen Refugee Committee, the Center for Internally Displaced Karen People, the Karen Student Network Group, the Burmese Medical Association, the Assistance Association of Political Prisoners, Burma Issues, the World Education Consortium, Tim Syrota, Phil Thornton, Violet Cho, ALTSEAN, Images Asia, and the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand.

In the United States, thanks go to the American Friends Service Committee-Golden Gate Chapter, the World Affairs Council San Francisco, Friends of the Karen, the Burma Scholars program of the Open Society Institute, Dr. Ben Brown, Planet Care and KGLT-FM.

VIETNAM | The Price of Rice

Producer: Stephanie Guyer-Stevens

Story Consultant: Catherine Stifter

Audio Editor: Jack Chance

Field Recording: Jack Chance and Simon Dearnaley

Additional Narration Recording: Claire Schoen.

Audio Production Assistance: Marisa Benzle

Transcription Assistance: Claire Kinnison

Mix Engineer: Robin Wise

Pre-production Field Research: Cathy Hoang

Production Assistant in Vietnam and Laos: Karoline Kemp

Translators in Vietnam and Laos:
Tu Kien Dang
Quang Tu Pham
Trong Tuan Dam

Research Assistants:
Sheena Stevens
Raina Davis
Karoline Kemp

Chinh Nguyen
Kim Thuy
Maisie Nguyen.

Traditional music, recorded by Jack Chance, and Archives of Traditional Music In Laos
Many thanks to Nha Pho and Nguyen Thanh Thuy for their assistance with music

Many thanks to Tranh Thi Lanh, Minh Phuong Nguyen, and the entire staff of SPERI.

Thanks to the staff of Green Discovery in Luang Namtha, Laos.

Many thanks to the people of Ke, Ta Phin, Long Lan and Xien Da villages, Ban May Commune, and to the people of the villages in Luang Namtha conservation area, for their hospitality.

Thanks to Duy Khoi Do and to the class K1A of the HEPA farmer field school.

Thanks also to Carol Kresge, of The Language Project, Luang Prabang, Laos, and to and to Dan Imhoff, of Watershed Media.

With Support From


Outer Voices receives invaluable financial and in-kind support from:

Anonymous, Alex Stevens, Allissa and Neal Keny-Guyer, Alta Mae Stevens, Amanda and Jonas Edvardsson, Anita Fenichel and John Wingard, Dr. Caroline Rogers, Christopher Szeczey, Constance San Juan, Dave Worthington, David Bryant, Doris Rossman, Elizabeth Hersey, Gerhard Jung, Gloria Neumeyer, Hanna Roveto, Jan Tensen, Jennifer and Paul Tincknell, Jennifer Roberts, Jodie Hymes, Joe Naujokas and Lauren Parnes, Leda Black, John Barth, Joyce Chang, Kate Crigler, Kate Henry, Kyle Rudderow, Laurel Singer, Leigh and Luisa Guyer, Lynn Roth, Marcelle Dominguez and Robert Butler, Marcia Stewart, Margaret Schink, Mark Feickert, Matthew Campbell, Michael Hoberman, Michael Royce, Morrie Warshawski, Patrice Silverstein, Peter Herb, Phil Stevens, Radha Speer, Richard Burg, Richard Walton, Rosie Warda, Sarah Rubin, Shelly Guyer, Susan Davis, Terry Causey, The Linde Hays Family, The Quantz McNichol Family, Tom Huntington, Wendy Warda, and other generous individuals.

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