The Matthew Turner was for many years an idea of a ship, a dream of a boat, that one man, Alan Olson, had. His idea was a tall ship, where young people from the San Francisco bay area could feel the feeling of being at sea, away from land and maybe closer to themselves and to the wild. He dedicated the boat to Matthew Turner, the last of the great California boat builders. Hundreds of other people worked over many years to make this dream a reality. I stepped into a slice of time in the process of the work of building the Matthew Turner. We wanted to feel the verb, the motion and emotion behind this massive project, so we traveled to Sausalito to hear for ourselves.


Producer: Stephanie Guyer-Stevens
Script Consultants: John Biewen and Julia Barton, and the participants in Center for Documentary Studies’ Making it Sing 2018 workshop
Music: 33 Bowls, by

Building the Matthew Turner was first boadcast on KWMR.

Many thanks to Alan Olson, the volunteers and staff of Call of the Sea.

For more information about the Matthew Turner, visit

Major underwriting for Building the Matthew Turner was provided by Terry Causey


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