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Student Editorial Board:

Grace Ackles – Grace is a senior at Healdsburg High School. She’s interested in anything to do with culture and anthropology, and plans to study something along these lines when she moves to Washington to attend college next fall. She hopes to spend a life engaging in community service excursions, traveling and learning and creating as much as possible. She enjoys venturing into nature, writing, and making all types of art.



Austin BeckDoss – Austin is a 17 year old senior Healdsburg High School student. He enjoys spending time outdoors where his favorite activities, such as snowboarding and rock climbing, can be found. In the future, Austin intends to pursue journalism, hopefully in a way that will allow him to spend ample amounts of time outside. He is excited to continue working with Outer Voices and is proud to be part of the podcast team.

Adrienne Harreveld – Adrienne is a second year undergraduate student at Duke University majoring in History and Documentary Studies. She has worked for several political non-profits and now works for the Duke Center for Civic Engagement. At Duke she is President of Duke Democrats, a DJ for WXDU, and writes for Duke Write(H)ers (a feminist blogging collective) as well as the arts section of the paper. She was named the 2012 College Democrat of America and received the Duke University Advocacy award last spring. Adrienne hopes to receive a PhD in history and eventually work in radio production. She will be spending the summer in Paris working for the State Department.

Gerald James – I’m G.J., a 15-year old freshman at Sonoma Academy in Santa Rosa, Ca. I am fascinated by global communication, evolution, and politics and was thusly inspired to join this movement. I have always striven to be an informed individual, a leading contributor and citizen of our world’s youth, the next generation. I believe that an educated, perceptive, and internationally connected and united generation is one best equipped to endure and answer the fateful dilemmas we will inevitably have to face in and for the future. My mentality is that to appreciate a viewpoint or culture you must immerse yourself in it and adopt such a perspective, a gaze of the world through their telescope. To assure a prosperous and peaceful 21st century, we must pursue such global relations, to harvest our appreciation and respect from our knowledge and thorough understanding of one another. In such a world, communication must flourish, to boast a society in which everyone has a voice and our ears are just as active as our mouths. I have joined this project, pledged allegiance to these efforts, to provide our youth with a platform, to give young individuals a keyboard in every forum and the current pulse of their planet. When I am not contributing to Outer Voices, you can find me playing or watching sports with friends, talking, singing, or studying.

Madeline Miller – Madeline is from Chapel Hill, N.C., where she is attending the University of North Carolina for her undergraduate degree in American Studies. When not in class, she is DJ’ing for her college radio station (WXYC), organizing for the Farm Labor Organizing Committee, making short audio documentaries, and mentoring the Outer Voices students in topics relating to media and social change. Madeline believes that audio is a powerful tool for sharing perspectives and diverse experiences, and she hopes to one day work in public radio.


Jenny Morgan – Jenny is a documentary artist based in Raleigh, North Carolina. She works in audio, photography, and writing. She received a B.A. from Hampshire College, where she focused on Middle Eastern history and literature. More recently, Jenny received a Certificate in Documentary Arts from Duke University’s Center for Documentary Studies.

Jenny’s documentary work includes Portraits of an Emerging Generation, an ongoing audio documentary of Palestinian women in their twenties. Jenny was inspired to begin this project after living in the West Bank, Palestine, for more than a year. Listen to an except of this project here. Jenny also documents stories in her home state of North Carolina.

Adrienne Sarasy – Adrienne is a high school senior, seeking to broaden global awareness and appreciation amongst teens. Not only is she interested in writing and journalism, but she hopes to someday create and produce her own podcasts and journalistic pieces.


Alia Tincknell – Alia is a senior at Healdsburg High School. She plans to study political science and communications at a four year this following fall. She is an avid reader, swimmer, and traveler. Alia hopes to bring social awareness to her high school and implement Outer Voices as part of the common core curriculum.


sam-photo-resizedSam Naujokas – My name is Sam Naujokas and I’m a sophomore at Healdsburg High School. I’ve always had a strong interest in global affairs, and have more recently become interested in media and technology. Outer Voices has proven to be a perfect combination of the two subjects, and has increased my knowledge of the world around me. In the past, I’ve worked on social media and digital learning campaigns with the California Academy of Sciences and Planetary Resources. I’m really looking forward to incorporating the Outer Voices podcast into high school classrooms across the United States.


Juliet Daniel – Juliet is a Healdsburg High School junior with an interest in studying and a passion for traveling. She has traveled solo to Argentina and Spain and is proficient in Spanish. She is highly involved in the Interact and Spanish clubs at HHS. In her spare time, she finds adventure in mountain biking, writing songs, and playing music. She joined Outer Voices last year initially through her high school journalism class. As a part of Outer Voices, she hopes to inspire awareness and enthusiasm about current events around the world to high school students like her.

Production Team:

Kayle Hope Schnell: Web Designer – Kayle is an independent media producer from New York City. She is interested in writing, web-design, documentary film, digital photography and media education. She recently graduated from St. Michael’s College with a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies, Journalism, Digital Arts and Political Science. Currently she is working as a Project Leader for Youth Media Project, a Santa Fe-based non-profit that teaches and practices the craft of digital storytelling for a socially responsible world. In January 2011, she spent a few weeks in Bhutan where she was involved with a media education project in collaboration with the Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy (BCMD).Kayle hopes to pursue documentary story-telling through a variety of different mediums and continue to travel internationally.

Stephanie Guyer-Stevens: Producer – Stephanie started Outer Voices in 2003 as a response to her experiences working as an activist in the U.S. She is a writer and organizer with nearly two decades’ experience in non-profit work, specializing in women’s, health, environmental, and sustainability issues. The founder of Women’s Health Education Project in New York City, she has also served as a consultant to various other non-profit organizations. Her writing and editorial work include publication in the Village Voice, Downtown, and Whole Earth. In book publishing, she was developmental editor forI Opened the Gates Laughing by Mayumi Oda (Chronicle, 2001).

Gianluca Tramontana: Podcast Host –  Music journalist Gianluca Tramontana hosts “Sitting With Gianluca – From Country-Bluegrass-Blues to CBGBs” where he interviews musicians about their art.He has also produced pieces for NPR’s Studio 360 and New Orleans WWOZ. Gianluca is a former Rolling Stone writer and music editor for London literary magazine Zembla. Currently he is US correspondent for JAM in Italy and also writes for MOJO and various other publications. His feature for New Orleans’ Offbeat magazine on early New Orleans R&B was mentioned in Da Capo Press’s “Best Music Writing of 2009″.

Sara Washington: Audio Editor – Sara graduated from University of California, Santa Cruz in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in Community Studies, emphasizing in social documentary media and cultural studies. She is currently a graduate student in the Documentary Media Studies program at The New School. Sara came to Outer Voices after spending a year abroad, looking to combine her background in documentary media with international affairs.

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