Oct 082012

The Blind Cow, Zurich, Switzerland

The Blind Cow Restaurant in Zurich, Switzerland, offers up a different dining experience: Guests eat in complete darkness and are served by blind or visually handicapped waitstaff.

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  • The Blind Cow restaurant in Zurich is staffed by the blind and operates in total darkness.
  • The Rev Jorge Spielmann, 37, is now being urged to open branches of the Blind Cow throughout Switzerland. The Zurich restaurant is currently constantly booked for reservations as both sighted and blind customers queue to experience probably the oddest dining sensation in Europe.
  • The idea for the restaurant began in the pastor’s home. He sometimes used to blindfold his dinner guests to immerse them in the world of the blind. He said: “The sighted guests said it made them concentrate on the food and made them listen to the conversation around them. There could be no distractions, only intense concentration.” (From an article in the Telegraph)

Podcast hosted by: Gianluca Tramontana
Reporting by: Adam Burke



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